Services & Facilities

We give the best services in so many different sectors of water park, With its benefits to our visitor’s and to enhance our services for client and crowd satisfaction.

Life security standards

We generate happiness giving the best safety measures among our visitor’s by appropriate safety life guards alloted in different areas of water park and around our pools.

Safe locker systems

We give the safest assurance regarding your valuable assets which are locked in our lockers deposited with us with bunch of trust.Eg, your bags, mobiles, cameras, any other valuable ornaments etc..with a proper rent and refund policy.


Parking Space.

When it comes to a total fun it’s not only we care about your fun inside our water park but also we care about your lifestyle your luxurious things like your cars, bikes, buses etc.. Parked in our parking space, With ample of space and a proper care taker guard in our parking premises for your vechile safety.

Sanitisation under state act and proceedings

W care about you life hence we have a strict following process done for sanitisation of all our members & staffs, With a temperature check process, following for a whole body sanitisation done before entering the main gate. We have also placed santizers in our area for continues safety measures

Food & Beverages

With our ultimate slides and fun we also do take care that we serve you the best delicious tasty food, But yes also keeping it being healthy with proper hygiene. We have a proper team emerged in hospitality and hotel management to make sure you enjoy best food.

CCTVs for Monitoring our crowd

We make you smile but we also assure that your smile remains joyfull While you spend your day in our wter park with your friends, family and loved one’s . There are more than 45 cameras installed for your safety moment and for security purposes.

Cashless Transactions

Don’t worry if you’re out of cash or short of cash we welcome you to enjoy our cashless services for all your purchases done in our park with accepting all kinds of debit & credit cards, online payment via UPI or done with our premium customer card given by water park.

Clean Washrooms & changing rooms

When it comes to service we are happy to give you a thumbs up for our continues cleaning and hygienic washrooms for both the genders with proper sanitisation facilities and giving a separate space and washroom specially for handicap and ladies with maternity.

Costumes and other accessories

With the standard rules, we sincerely follow that a slider should wear only nylon cloths while enjoying our slides.we also have a counter inside our water park if incase you are short of dress or a proper costume with minimum rent and return policy.

Water Quality

With best slides and fun we take precautions for the best water quality to be maintained for everyone keeping in our mind so that you don’t get any fungul infection, or any other diseases. So, we operate our best water purifiers through out the day to keep water clean and clear.

Music system

With the boom if water and high trill slides, we give you a rhythm to your heart and enjoy your favorite music with our best music systems playing your favorite tunes Through out the entire day.

First Aid Emergency

We are always ready with bunch of our staff, for any inconvenience or incident happening in our water park and to help you over any small or big injury we are ready with our medical aid kit for your safety. We have also secured the water park with fire alarm assitance and fire safty measures.

Banquet service

We not only make your day happy but we also make your occasion memorable. We have a Banquet hall avialbale for small and mid scale festive and occasions with full of services including whole package belong to per person or the lawn rent only to make it more better and create best unforgettable memories.

Restroom on minimum rental

We really value the time we spend with our close ones so we are really happy to assist you to get some more pvt enjoying space and time equally to let your other half time in park.. We have restroom where you can celebrate your functions with your dear ones separately in those spacious restrooms privately without any other people to get in between.

Eg,You and your friends can easily accses those restrooms for birthday celebration, anniversary or just a pvt family spare time with a minimum rental pacakge.

Pick and drop facilities

We understand that travelling from far with bunch of people may exhaust you ! So why to loose energy there?We help you to manage your traveling with our personal buses or cab services with a very minimum charges to make sure your visit is with a safest from the pick point to the drop point at the end.

Yes if you are willing to come with more than 8 person together in a family or society or any other source we could give you a total hand to hand package according to it with including all aspects of a visitor.

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