About Us

Welcome Water Park and Resorts have driven into the entertainment industry with a new vision to assure an all-in-one entertainment spot for families. We aim forward to never-seen-before attractions set amidst unique architecture with international experience, standard amenities, and hygiene. It is the ultimate entertainment package for people of all age groups and is built innovatively to provide tons of excitement.

We look forward to:

  • become the best water park in Saurashtra with premium services in the industry.
  • provide excitement under standard safety measures and environment.
  • become the favourite destination of families seeking an astounding holiday.
  • bring smiles to everyone who visits us.
  • be committed to the happiness of our visitors.

We are located near the brass city of Asia, and also the best bird-watching city in the world, Jamnagar. The central rich location and ease of accessibility for nearby urban towns in Saurashtra add to the beauty of the experience. Balachadi beach is the nearest and a well-known landmark for your guidelines and reference where the park is just 5km from the beach.

Since the inception in 2020, Welcome Water Park and Resort has been the best in the tourism and entertainment industry. The welcome water park thrives across 19,456 square meters of total area with all basic and premium amenities within the Park Area.

An amazing time at Welcome park is waiting for you, and what are you waiting for??

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