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Body slide is one of the most common adaptions  & most essential need for slides done in the water park.Our body slide comes with a safe section of 900 mm which clears the ASTM propaganda worldwide. As the quality, we come up with its minimum thickness of 6 mm and soft lean edges which brings perfection.

It’s a water body slides for the age of 8-45 approximately.


Multi lane was one of the concepts coming out from a feeling of a race. These are one of the best slides where it comes with its the slides come with its lane and it is very well known for turning into a MAT slide.

Here it can be made with two and more lanes together and can be extended maximum till six lanes. It comes with 21 inches width per lane, and it can be done with pool landing & well as of dry landing.

It gives a much faster experience compared to body slides. It can be done from 6-15 meters of heights.


When it comes to the variety of slides in a water park with many different experiences.close float slide gives the best fun where it gives you a chance to feel the slides with a partner being beside you.

It can be used with a tube that comfortables the sittings over the slide for its speed, and you can have a feel of bounce too.It comes with 55 inch of slides section with again the best ASTM standard thickness and comfortable for more than the age of  10 and above.It can be installed with a minimum height of 9-12 meters for it’s the best experience.

It can be done with pool landing and dry landing both.

Slides names and it’s heights.

  • 9 platform water play system with 12-13 slides with twin bucket.
  • Open Body slide with height of  40 feet.
  • Close Body slide withHeight of  40 feet.
  • First Twin exit tornado slide in Gujrat -Face the Fear slide ,Height of  40 feet
  • Spider web slide -Height 50 feet with four lane racer.
  • Boomerang float slide – Height 50 feet.
  • Black diamond close float slide – 50feet
  • Four seater half cone funnel slide – 50 feet
  • Giant 200HP Thunder wave pool.
  • Foggy Rain Dance.
  • Children wet play area.
  • Water Fall pool.

And Many More…..

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